Ace Equestrian



  Arliss & Cassie met in 2002 and purchased Ace in July 2006. Horses are their passion, that can be seen on a daily basis as they work together in the barn and with each horse they touch. They have two Children Austyn and Vance, that are also very involved in the day to day activities. Austyn enjoys jumping and dressage, at 9 yrs old she has already had the opportunity to ride with some of the countries greats. Fall of 2018 Vance entered his first solo show and competed in ground poles and walk trot.

  In December 2018 Arliss and Cassie were married after just over 16 years together!


Both Arliss and Cassie started riding at a very young age, it didn't take them long before they found what they were passionate about. They have tried it all and now focus on hunter/jumper as their main discipline, including dressage as a base for all their horses.  Starting young horses with a solid foundation is very important to them, they work on the horses timeline not their own.