Ace Equestrian

 2005- 2019

   Xena was a rescue from the RHS, she had some baggage when we adopted her they said she was aggressive towards food and men. We were looking for a guard dog and she made me feel comfortable. We quickly realized she had no aggression towards anything really other then wildlife that did not belong in the yard!  She quickly became Arliss's loyal companion and a true guardian of our family and property.

   Her endless smiles and sneezes will be missed, she really loved when you called her "BEAUTIFUL" and shook her paw or gave her hugs...... she also really loved her car rides and being in the front seat!  Another one of her passions was running laps around the outdoor arena while you rode and following you on trail rides....she could NEVER be left behind!

  We found out January of 2018 that she had cancer after a surgery on her foot and that it could be a only a short time until she was gone. BUT how lucky were we that surgery gave her another year!!! She was a puppy again and for that we are truly thankful as it was really the best year we could have ever had with her! 

   Thank you to everyone that made Xena feel like the Queen she was and to Dr. Jess at Flying R Vet Services for handling Xena's health over the last few years.  

 2007- 2017

With a very heavy heart we would like to say good bye to a special boy. We sold Troy a few years ago to a family in Saskatoon. He enjoyed his time with them and took care of a mom and her two girls. We stayed in touch and loved hearing about the fun they were having.

Here Troy was our everything he taught many including Austyn he was so smooth and gentle.  We know Vera had a very special bond with him (she took this picture). He was a true gentleman and will always hold a special place in out hearts.

The fall of 2016 has been a tough one as we said goodbye to two very important members of Ace......


  I will never forget this horse and what he did for me and my family.
 He was a trooper and taught so many kids to ride and have confidence. He was also a babysitter to many weanlings that were new to the ranch.

He was our daughters first horse.... well he was that for many!

He enjoyed being a rope horse before his lesson horse career took off....but he never did like that smarty pull behind the quad steer.....they are not supposed to be green or smell clean lol. That was the only thing that worried him!

Him and Arliss spent many hours together before 2002. Gus was used as a pasture horse for treating cows, a heel and head horse in the roping pen.

He was our go to guy when we needed something done. We will miss him but know we made the absolute best choice for his health and well being.

Miss you buddy

  We said goodbye to Mya this year as well. She was the most amazing dog and we miss her so much.

She spent the last few weeks of her life doing what she loved....playing with sticks, bugging people and sleeping in!

This picture was taken at our last show of the couldn't keep her sitting still when people were around. She would play with everyone....she was persistent and really didn't take "no" to seriously!