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What's New
  We are excited to announce that as of Sept 1, 2019. Ace Equestrian will be under new management and operating as Double T Ranch.  Todd & Tanya are really excited to take over and we know they will do great things!

 As for Ace we are headed West to explore new opportunities and expand our knowledge.  You are never done learning and we felt we did everything and more we possibly could here in Saskatchewan. We are excited to mentor under one of North America's best,  this is a once in a lifetime opportunity!!
 It is business as usual until the last day here with our final Dressage show taking place and a wrap up party to follow! We hope to see you there!

  2018 was a great year! We traveled all three prairie provinces taking in our first RMSJ week in August! Our riders achieved many of their goals and have set new ones for 2019.

  We finished the year with a great clinic with Hyde Moffatt and have lots of homework for the winter months. Many new partnerships formed this year, we look forwarding to watching these horses & riders grow. Training horses have been steady with about 10 in the program monthly.

In 2019 we will be moving ahead with a breeding program having secured 2 stallion prospects and a broodmare. We hope to be adding to this spring 2019. Our focus is to produce quality well minded performance prospects for our own program. Stay tuned!

Thank you to all our clients for a fabulous year!!

  The 2017 season is finally over, it has been a great one!

We ended the season with a clinic in Moose Jaw with Jay Duke. It was wonderful all the riders had a blast!

We traveled to Winnipeg twice and really enjoyed their shows.
We also took part in Saskatchewan Dressage Provincials and Saskatchewan Horse Federations Finals.
Both shows were successful for our riders and program.

We had many new partnerships come together this year. We look forward to the future for all of them. Every rider and horse made me proud.

I just want to say thank you to the team for all your hard work and determination this season!

We have already had our show team meetings for 2018 and wow what a year it going to be,  I look forward to it.

  Winter Fair 2017 was really good to us!  All the riders enjoyed the 10 days but we are happy to be back home again. Thank you to everyone that made this week a success!

 April is a busy month with Pony club....we have our Mock testing, written exams and a cross country clinic with Lisa Reimer.

 The May Dressage shows have filled up! Our hunter/jumper schooling show still has space.

 Really looking forward to the next few months!

We also hosted the CWHBA Sask Showcase the second weekend in Sept. Our very own Rebecca made her debut as a handler....her mare Sula won the inspection!!!

We have has a very busy summer. Our show series SESDS was a total success (all sold out!) and the champions were awarded their prizes! We would like to thanks everyone involved...the judges, riders and volunteers sure make these show run smoothly!

Spring Into Summer Schooling show - May 21, 2016

 We had tons of fun this weekend at our first Hunter/Jumper Schooling show. Thank you to all riders, spectators and volunteers for a lovely day!
2016 has been an exciting year already with two schooling shows, winter fair and lots of pony club stuff. We are currently trying get together and commit to our 2016 show dates off the ranch. But we are offering 1 schooling show and 3 dressage shows here! We also have one clinic booked for the hunter/jumper riders in June and  we are working on other dates and clinicians.

We have a lovely group of sales horses & ponies something for everyone! They are all coming along nicely and very much ready to move to a  new home.  Baron has been a huge hit at the barn along with Chuck....both geldings are super sweet.


 Wow what a year! 

 Show season for us was a  long one. It started in February and went until November, between the 2 disciplines (Dressage & Hunter/Jumper). It seemed we were always on the go prepping for another show, either here or away!  We love it though and plan to expand our shows in 2016 with trips to Winnipeg and hopefully to Calgary.  We hosted our first show series with 3 shows in total all were Dressage based and were a complete success, even though it was cold and windy the day of our last show.  Many championships were awarded to riders from all over south Saskatchewan. Thank you everyone that supported these and we hope to see you back! In 2016 We will be hosting 3 shows again but moving one into the schooling show category and adding hunter/jumper. 

  At this time all horse and rider combo's both new and old are doing great they are taking the  down time to improve much needed flat work and enjoyed the no stirrups November. Horses are enjoying some time off  here and there and will be ready to get back to work for the 2016 season.

   The Queen City Trailblazers Pony club has a new home here. We welcomed the old members to our facility with an open house and registration in Oct. The club offers Horse Masters as well for adult riders who want to learn the proper techniques and horsemanship. Overall we have 26 members ranging in ages from 6 to 50! The club is doing great and we have some fun things planned for 2016.

   In August I attended a Course design clinic in Saskatoon with Sandra Conrad, I enjoyed it so much I have applied for the Equine Canada Course Design recognized status. I will find out soon if I passed or not.  If I didn't pass it shows I am a little wet behind the ears and need to continue to grow my knowledge on the subject. But it sure has been fun all the rules and expectation of a course designer are very interesting and have given me a better understanding for the sport.  2015 was my first year on the BOD for the Saskatchewan Horse Federation. This is a great experience and I enjoy my time learning from everyone on the board.

   Arliss made the decision to quit his day job to stay at home and train that proved to be a valuable move and the horses are more consistent and happy with the work.  I am really enjoying the help and being able to focus more on the students. He has also started to teach and is enjoying  the learning curve that comes with moving from rider to coach. He has also made the decision to focus on his English riding. He is still training the odd western horse, as we have a few and so do our clients. 

   We have also added a tack store to the ranch. Just Ride Boutique offers products that are not found anywhere else in the province!  The ranch horses are outfitted very well now and are also enjoying their new feed program that we sell from Horseherbs.

  We seen a few horses go that sold and some stayed in the barn. We said good bye to Covert Affairs (Troy), Raziyah (Yazi), Westoria K (Tori), Pals Little Seat Cat, (Willie), Peppys Sansation (Dex),  Gracie, and Emmy.  The ones that got to stay but changed ownership are Desert Storm (Captain), Duke, Arrow, Rococo (Twitter), Africa, Wicked Wild (Callie) and Storm Front (Sulli).  We also welcomed a couple new horses to Ace Jerry and Paige.  Jerry is an OTTB and is currently leased by Sarah and Paige was bought for Austyn but is enjoying being used in lessons.

We have a nice barn with a friendly atmosphere, many of the boarders love it and so do their horses!  We welcome Brie and her Stud Milagro, Robin & Cathey with their Gypsy Vanners, Rob & Tap, and Priscilla & Tundra.  To the lesson front we added Alexis, Olivia, Lauren, Darlene, Tannis,  Joan, Brogan, Doreen, Lorraine, Matthew, Ava H, Ava K, and Sarah.  Thank you for taking the steps needed to join our fabulous group!

 Anyways on that note thank you again to all of you for being here and I hope if your thinking of giving us a try you do so! We always enjoy meeting new people and horses.

  So from our family to yours have the very merriest Christmas and a joyous new year!

   Arliss, Cassie, Austyn & Vance
  We have finally wrapped up our show season in Nov. at the Jump for a Cure show in Brandon. We had 10 horses in the show and all of them did well!  Many of the young horses and new teams had it figured out by the end of the weekend. Thank you crew for a great year!

Congrats to Rebbecca and Willow Wind were year end High Point .85 m Jumper for the BLHPS.
 This month we were the lucky recipients of Plainsview Credit Union (Qu'Appelle Branch) Jeans Day fund.

 Thank you very much Plainsview!
As one door shuts......

  Covert Affairs aka Troy is off to his new home tomorrow.  Its bitter sweet for all of us here at the ranch. Troy has been an amazing part of the Ranch since he stepped foot on it. 

 He was bought as a yearling ( I forgot, thought it was 2...but nope just a yearling) at a Candiac horse sale...he had been an orphan and the girl that got him was headed off to college and needed the money.  She told us she worked for the the PMU that had him and they were going to put him down when his dam passed but she took him instead. His sire was Proven Jade a thoroughbred and his dam a Clyde mare. Her grandmother let troy wander around like a dog I am pretty sure when he came to Ace he figured thats exactly what he was or human!

 When we started Troy we noticed how wonderful of temperament he had....we used him for lessons. Then we sold him to a friend who wanted a horse for her husband. Of course the husband only rode him a few times in lessons. So we bought him back.  Best decision ever made!

From there he taught many to list. We saw how truly special he was and will never forget him. He did find a special bond with Vera and Denny. If he had people while he was here those were his people....they love him and Troy would smile when they worked with him. He enjoyed every minute of company they gave him. I thank you ladies for that!

I was happy to have a horse I could ride when needed...something safe. I ponied Austyn off of Troy on her first trail ride. Austyn also enjoyed riding him and Vance to! I would sweep by and pick up Vance off the mounting block! He was part of our family..... so many will ask why would you sell him?

Well being a lesson horse is tough and I could see Troy was ready for a family of his own. So when I saw Val was looking for a horse I messaged her and she had the perfect family for him! It was that easy.... she had tried him before but because we didn't have him listed she thought he had sold. It was meant to happen this way.

But as one door shuts I know another will open..... so

Thank you Troy for being patient and kind with everyone. You are amazing and I know you will enjoy your new family.


 Thank you team for a lovely weekend at Provincials! We walked away with

Champion in WD Level 2 & 3 and Reserve Championship in  WD Basic level, and for the English side Walk Trot and Training level.

Our crew had a blast and enjoyed it. Thank you to the RDDA for all your hard work!
 So much has been going on this summer! I added something new to my to do list by taking a course design workshop in Saskatoon with Sandra Conrad. She was lovely to work with and learn from. So much I have printed off my EC application to become a course designer, Wish me luck!

Keeping current on the rules is so important!!

Rain rain go away!!!

Second weekend in August we were on the road again, this time headed north to Saskatoon. Our first time there this summer greeted us with a huge amount of rain! It rained all the way from home, all day and pretty much all night. The show on Friday had to be moved indoors for the hunters. Oh well we still had a blast, it was Jess and Arliss's first time showing at Ebon.  It was Olivia's first away show on Captain! Leanne & Becca also brought their boys (Arrow's first show at Ebon as well). Everyone had a great learning weekend and many laughs were had by all!

Thanks again crew for another amazing weekend!
 Arliss was invited to be a demo  rider for the WSDAC Judging school held in Moose Jaw mid July. He enjoyed the experience riding two young horses (Gibbs owned by Diane and Wilma) in level 2 & 3.  I also enjoyed going along for the educational experience of what the judges want to see, helping me better understand the judges perspective! 
Here's to the horses that have made me who I am today.....

  I sit here thinking about this coming Friday and loading Raziyah (Yazi) up into the trailer for the last time as we take her to Brandon. Its bitter sweet for me this mare is much talent anyone that has every seen her go knows it.  But her talent is only half of it .... her spirit.... her mind  that is something special.

  We buy/train a lot of horses and sell most of them, I will never forget this journey with this mare.  We waited for the chance to have her in our program it took a lot of years to finally get her here, and we were so  happy when she finally arrived!

  She is sensitive.....not mean and not bad..... she was misunderstood. Her ground manners needed work and respect is always expected from our horses. We put her back in a basic bit, no spurs and no whip. We worked a lot on her dressage training and building her muscles. Eventually her eyes changed, her body started to relax and accept a rider ..... she was willing to load into the trailer, stand tied alone. Good for everything that at one point she would want to fight about. Everyone here at Ace started to notice a change.

  She is sweet this mare deserves the world, and we got her that a  good owner that will treat her like # 1.  In return we know Yaz (now Zara....pictured bottom left taken in her new home on July 19th) will give her new mom everything and more that she has to offer. This mare is truly a once in a lifetime horse.

  I want to thank Leanne Wesdyk (top left photo) for being so dedicated to this horse.  Also thanks to Rebecca Russell (middle  left photo) who taught the mare to babysit a Jr. Rider over courses and at shows. You both helped to make her the horse she is today.
  Thinking about Yaz makes me think about all the horses....both special and the not so special horses that still taught me to be who I am today. I am grateful to do what I do.  People ask me  all the time how I can sell horses and its simple......  Most horses that leave here, go to a great home the one they are meant to be in. They teach those people what I have learned from them. Every horse that leaves gets replaced with a new talent, a new mind, a new spirit that will teach me even more.

  I want thank everyone that has sold us a horse,  brought one in for boarding, training or to be sold because of you I get to learn more and continue my passion. Thank you supporting this program without you  we couldn't  do what we do!
 Beat The Heat Schooling Show

Thanks to the crew that made it out for this weekend. This was by far the best time I have ever had at a show! There were many laughs and lots of learning that took place!

Everyone pushed themselves to be better and learn! The horses and riders were turned out nicely. Thank Kelly for the lovely braiding jobs, and to Katie and Jen for tackling Wiffs mane! 

There were a lot of first that happened this weekend, I am so proud of all the riders and horses. Good job to  Katie & Lauren on attending their first hunter show!  Jess & Jewels were rock stars in the hunters, so was Winston! Rebecca, Leanne and Arliss all had fun in the jumper ring....some won their classes and others moved up a division!

Like I said so proud of all of you, Can't wait for MSM!!

June 8, 2015

Well I just got back from Winnipeg after auditing the Walter Zettl Clinic. It was a fun weekend and was great to have met and watched Walter work. The clinic was great in the sense that I feel our program is on track and we have the  right approach. I have three new tools I  will be adding into our program after this weekend, that is a great feeling to always be learning and expanding!

Here at the ranch we are a little bit of everything between Arliss and myself we have worked hard to put together  a program that produces sound happy horses and competent riders. We are not 100% like anyone else and we do not claim to be... but we are always expanding our knowledge and will never stop growing! 

For the month of June and part of July we have 14 horses in the training program (a few are just part time....ground work etc. ). This includes our own and client horses.  Each program is different for every horse one horses is here getting broke before heading to the track to start his racing career. 2 mature geldings are going to head home to be safe trail mounts for their riders. Duke has one week left and while he was here found a new owner (she is 62 and he is her first horse!) they will be entering the Western Dressage arena. The others consist of  3 jumpers, 2 dressage horse and the rest are being trained and prepped for sale (now thats vareity).   We have a wonderful group of sales horses for all levels. If your looking for something give us a shout not everything is listed!

June 27 we will be hosting out second show here, the first one was so much fun. The weather was perfect we are hoping for a repeat!

I think thats it for now,


Moose Jaw Ice Breaker Dressage Show

The last weekend in May we were on the road again this time to Moose Jaw with only 4 horses (a nice break!). No jumps this weekend .... we buckled down and focused on the basics, two riders in English and 2 in Western.

Courtney hauled in from the Swift Current area to show with her horse MM Lena by Far ...they did well and their scores improved! Denny has a new mount Covert Affairs (Troy, owned by us) for their first away show and not one lesson together to date they did great!!  This was Jacquie and Africa's second dressage show and first outdoor show, wow huge improvements here!!! They ended up in the ribbons in good sized classes every time.  Last horse and rider  was Arliss and Winston, honestly this pair just keeps getting better and better. Winston loves his life as a show horse and they also placed well winning one class and placing in all the others...with improvements in the scores.

The group had a great weekend with many laughs, met new people, learned lots and were inspired by other riders. Our next Dressage show is not until August. So we will be busy practicing and preparing! 

 A huge congrats to Rebecca & Bucks Arrow for being Hi-Point Thoroughbred Hunter at Wheatcity show in Brandon and Hi Point Thoroughbred Dressage Horse at our SESDS show.